• The Best Positions To Try While Having Sex

    Almost every man on planet earth loves the idea of sex. Sex is something that goes in a guy’s brains almost all the time and especially when they see a beautiful woman around. Some men are lucky to have a beautiful partner in their life with whom they are having a satisfactory sex life but for the rest of the unlucky ones the best is to hire an escort. Escorts in London are some of the most beautiful women all around the world. They are intelligent, well spoken, gorgeous and sexually experienced.

                    Men who have wanted to have the most amazing sexual experience should definitely do it with escorts in London. The reason to have sex with an escort is that escorts are sexually experienced and they know what you need and when you need it. You will be able to try several different positions with an escort and she will be perfectly matched for your sexual adventure. Once you have hired an escort, you need to know the various positions that are necessary for having a good sexual experience.

    The Best Positions To Try While Having SexAlthough there are hundreds of positions that you can try in bed but the best ones are only a few. The first and the most popular is the missionary. This is the best position for beginners and is also the most enjoyable out of all the positions. Second is the woman on top. In this position the man lies down and the woman gets on top of him, moving back and forth. This position is really liked by most women. Third, you can try the doggy style. The woman gets on all four in bed and you enter her from behind. It is really a thrilling experience for the couple. Make sure you enjoy your time with these positions and make your experience a memorable one.

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